Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday Selfies


Well, it's Sunday so it's selfie time. No sunpuddles today, but I did get some tummy rub time while my momma read some. I don't know why she complains about rainy days - it just means more time wif me!

Angelique thinks my new cat tree compliments her furs purrfectly.

And Bowie are showing off his chubby cheeks today. We have really been getting along well lately, I've even been rubbing on him some.


  1. Hello,Sweeties!!

    You kitties always seem very chillaxed! Rainy dreary days are SO boring...hope you get some sunshine soon...and we hope we get some more too:)

  2. Oh Boy! A rainy day Mom time! That is the best. And we are glad you guys are getting along. Got any hints. Your selfies are terrific. Have a Marvellously happy day.

  3. Nice selfies of all of you today!

  4. Such wonderful selfies and hooray for getting along!

  5. We always love seeing your purrfect selfies. Plenty of tummy rubs is always a good thing. We had tons of rain here yesterday but hope the sun is shining for you all today. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week ahead.
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