Saturday, July 3, 2021

Caturday Art


Hey pals!

Well, we has been enjoying our July so far.

We got some bacon on Friday!


Da mommas has been busy busy busy, but at least there is always time to play wif da cats.

Angelique thought she'd show off her multi-colored toe beans. 

I thought I'd ask momma for bacon again today.

Ya can see what da answer wuz by Bowie's unhappy face.

Anyways, here's some Caturday Art since we haven't shared any in a while.

Have a pawsome Fourth of July everyone!


  1. Looking epic sweeties, we love seeing all your pics on instagram! Happy 4th July! XX

  2. Happy July 4th!!
    I hope you will get extra treats when the celebrations get started!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. It's a holiday weekend, you should get more bacon!

  4. Happy 4th you gorgeous Texas kitties!

  5. You guys totally should have had bacon two days in a row.

  6. I sure hope you get some bacon soon. Happy 4th! XO

  7. You all look sweet, though maybe you'd have looked a lot happier if the bacon had arrived on your plate!

  8. Wait a sec—no bacon since Friday. Time to go on strike for better service.


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