Friday, September 24, 2021

Happy Birthday Ally!


First up, I want to wish a very happy birthday to my Aunt Ally - AKA Angelique's momma! I tried to convince MY momma we needed to have bacon this morning to celebrate even if it wuz long distance but for some reason she had yogurt and berries instead?? Weirdo.

But I did get to wear a new bandana today. And I kept my momma company while she finished da furst draft of her next article - it are over 22,000 words and does not men shun cats at all! I think she should specialize in feline law, as in, da feline are da one who makes da laws and dere are no separayshun of powers as the felines are all powerful . . . but for some reason she seem to get da message. Must meow louder!


  1. Happy Birthday to your auntie! And congrats to your momma on her article. XO

  2. Happy Birthday to your Auntie Ally!

    I bet they are having a pawrty at Angelique's den:)
    Maybe they will send your Momma some pics to share? We'd love to see them all:)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Aunt Ally. I think you should have gotten bacon to celebrate.

  4. I agree, Travis, your human should specialize in feline law.

    P.S. Happy birthday to Angelique's human!

  5. Happy birthday to your Aunt Ally. If your momma specialised in feline law you could tell her what to write.

  6. Happy Birthday to Auntie Ally from all of us!

  7. Happy Birthday to Aunt Ally! What a fun day and we think Bacon should be a part of the fun

  8. Happy Birthday to Aunt Ally. We think Feline Law would be a purrfect specialty!

  9. Happy Birthday to Aunt Ally
    OMCs I thought you quit blogging. The email notifying me of new post stop coming. Just thought I'd check in.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Ugh, we think it is cuz Feedburner stopped working.

  10. Happy Purrthday to Aunt Ally. Long distance ? Bacon's lovely aroma carries a long way !

  11. Feline law sounds pawsome!! Your purrson should do it ;)
    Happy birthday to Angelique's mum!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie


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