Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Selfies


Hey pals!

First off, an update from da Metroplex.

Well, I guess Bowie and Angelique are managing to survive wifout me. 

I'm shure they miss me a ton though! MOL.

Anyways, I have been busy keeping everything under control here in Lubbock. Well, as much as one can keep a westie under control.

I dressed up for Game Day yesterday. 

One last selfie for my adoring fans.


  1. Great selfies and its good to see your furblings, Travis!
    Our team won, too!

  2. Nice selfies, and it's always good to see Bowie and Angelique!

  3. I'll bet you miss your pals Travis!

  4. Purrs to all of you (Westies too !)

  5. I am sure they miss you-I hope you can visit them sometimes. XO

  6. You all look really wonderful in those great selfies

  7. Looking good, Travis! We bet Bowie and Angelique miss you a lot.


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