Friday, June 3, 2022

Flower Friday


Hey pals! Well, I has been trying to nap in sunspots, but it are hard going around here since we are having rain and storms. Yeah, it are kinda weird to kick off June wif cold and wet weather, but at least I are inside.

I has also been keeping momma company while she attempts to write another paper. AGAIN, it's not about cats. She ignores all my ideas.

We do has a few flowers for ya today for Flower Friday.

This lil orchid are inside. 

Have a good weekend pals! I'm hoping for bacon tomorrow morning!


  1. Pretty flowers. We hope you get BACON!!!

  2. We like petunias. TW's childhood home had them growing wild.

  3. Beautiful blooms. I hope you score some bacon.

  4. Help your mama do her writing, now. I know she's not using your ideas just now but...she will...I am sure of it.

    1. Yeah, the paper would be much better wif more menshuns of bacon and dashing mancats.

  5. Purrfection today. Handsome mancats and flowers
    Hgus cecilia

  6. When your Momma takes a break from her writing chore, tell her to reward herself and you with BACON!

  7. Those really are pretty flowers. Hey Travis, do I smell bacon somewhere?

  8. What pretty flowers, Travis! I hope the rain stops and you get some sunshine. ~Ernie

  9. We can't believe your Mama isn't paying attention to your input for her paper!!

    We love your pink flowers!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Sunny


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