Friday, August 5, 2022

Flower Friday

Yeah, it's a rare tongue out picture for me today. What can ya say? Dat breakfast ahi tuna wuz delishus!

I has been trying to give Bowie biskit-making lessons while I am home - I want everybody to be a biscuiteer!

Angelique has actually picked it up pretty well - only she prefers biscuiting people. Specifically, da chestal regions of female people. Well, good thing she's a girl and a cat - no sexual harassment allegations here!

Here are some of da flowers dat are blooming here in Plano.

It has been really hot, so the flowers are not what they were, but some are still going.

Like this tropical hibiscus.

And this althaea that are blooming outside my bedroom window.

Guess this hibiscus doesn't mind da heat either.


  1. The flowers are lovely but not as lovely as the two of you

  2. Those are pretty blooms, I do not recognize the pink stalk like flower, do you know what it is?

    MOL @ The description of Angelique's technique!
    Isn't it strange that Bowie isn't a biscuit maker by nature??

    1. Crockett wuzn't either, but I taught him. I'm still working on teaching Bowie.

      That is a kind of ginger (it's also called a siam tulip).

  3. Your breakfast was lip smacking Delicious! t sounds like you are having a hard job teaching Bowie to be a biscuiteer! The flowers are very pretty.

  4. All the flowers are lovely! Happy seeing you all together!

  5. We are not sure whether the tongue pic or the bandanas or the flowers were best, but we loved them all.

  6. Oops, My went anonymous again. Mark's Mews

  7. That sure must have been a yummy meal Travis, y'all look terrific!

  8. OH my, if I could only tell the tales of Nelly and female chestal regions? Well, I would be blocked! Your flowers are gorgeous.


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