Friday, August 12, 2022

Flower Friday

Hey pals. Well, I'm back in Lubbock - momma and me and Kinley came back yesterday.

Which means Angelique and Bowie are in charge back in Plano . . . 

Ok, maybe Brinley and Angelique are in charge. MOL.

I'm definitely in charge out here in west Texas. 

Momma's flowers were actually still alive when we came back.

We think there musta been a lil bit of rain for them to be blooming.

Even the orchid inside are still doing good.

Have a good weekend pals!


  1. You are a very well travelled cat! The flowers are looking lovely. Ours are looking very faded. They are not used to the heat being 20 degrees higher than normal, and neither am I!

  2. Good to see your lovely lowers are doing well Travis.
    Too bad the break is over.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Glad you made another trip safely Travis ! Getting a bit of rain ws a good thing.

  4. Travelin' Travis is your name! I'm glad you made it back safely. Those are very pretty flowers!

  5. Nice bandanas and beautiful blooms. XO


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