Monday, November 28, 2022

Travis da Traveller


So I has had a BUSY few days.

Friday wuz kinda of a relaxing day - we all slept off da turkey coma. Well, and Bowie tried to steal whipped cream from da pumpkin pie, but hey, what's new?

Then on Saturday it wuz my momma's birthday.

And it musta been a pretty pawsome birthday since there wuz BACON involved.

Yeah, I know my grandma really made dat bacon for ME, but whatefur. My momma can think it are for her.

We all enjoyed that.

Momma kept trying to take pickshures wif me, but I didn't wanna open my eyes. So this is da best she got, MOL.

Yesterday, da humans abandoned us! Dey went to go see da Black Panther movie.

What about orange panthers???

Then there wuz today, well, me and Angelique survived.

I had to endure a 5+ hour long car ride back to Lubbock. Where I'll only be for a few days, but momma has to finish up da semester.

Bowie just got to relax.

But Angelique had to go to da vet. She has been having a goopy ear and was overdue on some shots. Poor lil girl had a seizure on da way to da vet - it has been years since she's had one and she mainly only gets them when she is very stressed (like going to da vet). Anyways, she got some ear drops and her shots, so hopefully she are done wif all of that for a while. Good thing she doesn't hafta spend over 5 hours in da car!


  1. Happy birthday to your momma! I hope Angelique is feeling better now,

  2. Oh gosh ! Happy Purrthday to your Mama anbd purrayers to Angelique. Stress is awful for kitties and dogs and humans etc

    1. Yeah, the only seizures she's ever had were stress-related.

  3. Poor Angelique. I am glad your momma had a nice b'day and you scored lots of yummy foods. XO

  4. Sounds like you all had a pretty good time since there was bacon...except maybe for Angelique since she had to go to the vet. I hope she's feeling better now. ~Ernie

  5. You've sure been busy Travis but you've become quite the traveler. Purrs to sweet Angelique from all of us, we hope there are no more seizures!


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