Friday, December 14, 2018

Dear Santa Paws

We has a long list of demands errr, wishes. want catnip, a pound of bacon, shrimpies, chikken livers (ok, dat are just ME), ping pong balls, feather toys, wand toys, nip toys . . . 

Warm fleecy blankets to nap on, yummy tuna and salmon, and . . .  

If ya don't deliver, ya is gonna be Santa CLAWED!


  1. MOL, MOL! Love how you are wearing those cute SantaClaws hats! Wow, even Angelique!

    And Crockett, your tongue is for sure sending a message today...

  2. If I were Santa, I'd be a little nervous after those requests!

  3. You all look absolutely ADORABLE in your Santa Claws outfits!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. You better watch out or you will be getting a stocking full of coal from Santa!

  5. oh my!! Hoping Santa heeds your warning! Adorable!

  6. Gosh! You guys look festive! And I gotta say, I am enjoying reading your Christmas Wishes! AMAZING how similar yous guys' are close to what mine and inja's are.
    And Guys! your hats fit wway better than the one my human put on me.

  7. Meow meow that iss SUM wishy list Travis an Crockett an Angelique! Mee hopess all yore dee-mand...umm wishess come true!
    ***purrsss**** BellaDharma

  8. Chickens have LIVERS? We dint know. Those sound great!

  9. You rock with your Santa hats ! That's a great wish list, we hope you'll get some items ! Purrs


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