Tuesday, July 23, 2019

We're BACK!

We're back!


Da mommas has been without internet and TV for almost a week!

Da only internet dey could get wiz via their phones, so no blogging. Blogger apparently duzn't like iPhones and is very hard to use on mobile. 

Yeah, da mommas were going CRAZY.

Even crazier than Bowie.

Some contractors for the gas company cut the cable/internet line on Wednesday afternoon and they couldn't get it fixed until today.

We're kinda surprised they survived.

Ya shoulda heard the @#$% coming outta my momma. Things sensitive kitten ears shouldn't hafta hear.

Pretty shure we are the only reason they survived. 

Our week wuz pretty normal - except there wuz some extra play time!

At least Caturday bacon didn't get interfered wif.

Dat woulda been a real emergency! 

Anyways, we are glad to be back online.

And we KNOW y'all missed us!

As you can tell, I'm still handsome.

Angelique's still a diva.

Bowie's still a cutie.

I mean, he duz look a lot like me, so he's gotta be pretty good-looking. 

Da mommas even caught Angelique playing wif him last night.

She's denying it, but we know the truth!

Now we can get back to commenting on our friend's blogs!


  1. Not internet and no TV is awful, welcome back!!!

  2. Welcome back!! We can't imagine a whole week!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. That for sure is a recipe for crazy lunatic doings as far as peeps are concerned.
    We know, cause we have seen it in our peeps, MOL! Glad you are back and doing well! Hey, extra playtime and snuggles, well, that is a bonus:)

    And hooray for the bacon you still had. Did your peeps have extra to drown their troubles?? No wait, they must have had soem of those restricted beverages...

  4. I'm glad you guys are back! My human would have gone mad without internet - she probably would have packed me up and gone to a hotel or an airbnb until it got fixed. She's that attached to being online!

  5. Hari OM
    I did think things were a bit quiet... but I jus' thought you were all having a vacation. What a bummer to have your line cut. Going cold turkey is never a fun thing... well, fur cats, maybe cold turkey sounds okay? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. No internet AND no TV? Yipes!

  7. guyz....we gotta agreez with de mommas coz what if like de store ran outta bacon and food...N de onlee place ta get mor waz online...then everee one wood be cuzzin...knot just de mommaz ~ ☺☺♥♥

  8. Whew thank goodness I thought I was gonna have to catch a magic carpet to Texas for my Lone Star Fix. Now I know what all that disturbance was in the atmosphere...your Momma talking HBO words.

  9. We all here are happy to see you back. Your mom must have gone a little crazy during this time. You all still look so cute. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day and welcome back!!!
    World of Animals

  10. Welcome back! Yep, it gets pretty wild here when Mom loses the internets.

  11. Glad to see you back. We had a big thunderstorm last night and didn't have any electric or internet all day. One day drove me mad so a week must have driven your mommas crazy!

  12. Welcome back! The mom woulda gone crazy without internet AND TV for a whole week!


  13. Welcome back Travis, Angelique and Bowie. Dang peeps behavin so slowly to get your internet working. Don't they know how important you are?


  14. @Brian - Yeah, my momma wuz gonna go nuts!
    @The Florida Furkids - It wuz awful!
    @Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs - MOL, I think you know my momma!
    @Summer - At least my momma had her phone. Not da best, but something.
    @Yamini MacLean - Cold turkey, warm turkey, it's all good to me!
    @C.L.W.STEP - Yeah, da humans were NOT happy!
    @da tabbies o trout towne - OMC, dat would be awful!
    @My Mind's Eye - We believe dat ya could hear her all da way in NC.
    @The Swiss Cats - Fanks!
    @World of Animals, Inc - A lil??? MOL!
    @Laila and Angel Minchie - We're glad it's back!
    @Memories of Eric and Flynn - Yeah, she wuz nuts!
    @The Island Cats - My momma wuz definitely nuts!
    @Shoko Neilson - Apparently, dose guys don't!

  15. Gosh it just wasn't the same without you all for a whole week! Looks like you all are just as cute as ever and it's nice to know little Bowie is making inroads with Angelique...I knew she wouldn't be able to resist him for long.

    Hugs, Teddy

  16. @Pam and Teddy - She puts on a hissy show for the humans, but I can tell she's softening up!


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