Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Do ya think if I try this inno-scent look for my selfie that momma might believe I wuzn't knocking over the Temptations tub, trying to break it so I could have unlimited access and gorge on treats?? Yeah, it didn't work. Le sigh. But after all, tomorrow is another day.

Bowie wuz havin fun bouncing off the walls. Tonite he made it to the top of the bookcase - no one's really shure how, since there's nothing he coulda jumped from.

Hissy Missy is about as irritated wif kitten ant-icks as she looks in her selfie.


  1. That Hissy Missy selfie expression is a hoot!!

  2. Such innocents! No one would suspect them for ANYTHING! Hissy Missy, our sister Tessa HIGHLY APPROVES of your selfie!

  3. That is innocence personified on Bowie!

  4. Mew mew mew Hissy Missy aka Angelique reelly lookss purrturbed! Angelique inn time Bowie will settell down.....
    An maybe hee flew upss to tHE bookcase?
    Trvis you look toe-tallee innycent; how cuud anyone suspect you of treet nappin????
    Grate Selfiess mee frendss!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  5. It sounds like Bowie is doing good work on his jumping skills!

  6. Those are wonderful selfies!

  7. Bowie sure keeps all of you on your toes.

  8. I'm guessing HIssy MIssy is thinking Bastille day cant come quick enough re. the kitten, MOL Nonetheless, excellent selfies ALL round this week—100% adorable.

  9. You innocent-Selfie worked on me, Travis, so I'm sure it works on your mom too..MOL :D You all made purrfect Selfies today and that little one has learned it quick too...well...she learned from the masters, right😸Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead🐾😽💞

  10. Maybe Bowie can fly? Somebody needs to check him over really good to see if he has little "mini-wings" so he could get to the top of the bookcase!

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Hang in there, Angie, he'll grow out of this. He probably climbed the bookcase with those very sharp claws. Travis, I admire the effort.

  12. Kittens are magical, you might as well enjoy all of this mayhem - they become cats faster than you can imagine.

  13. We are loving the wonderful selfies from you all. Bowie is starting to explore the high spots now. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  14. @Cleo - Ya can tell how she feels about things.
    @Colehaus Cats - MOL, girls!
    @Mara - He's got a good "innocent" face.
    @Sherri-Ellen T-D. - Momma says it are a pattern of behavior!
    @Summer - He literally bounces off walls!
    @Brian - Fanks!
    @pilch92 - Fank you!
    @The Island Cats - Definitely!
    @Erin the Cat Princess - Fanks!
    @Little Binky and Granny - Yeah, he's mastered selfies really quick!
    @Pam and Teddy - Da humans think they've figured out how he's doing it.
    @The Whiskeratti - He probably could.
    @Catscue Cat Mom - He likes to cause mayhem for shure!
    @Timmy Tomcat - Fanks!
    @World of Animals, Inc - Yeah, he LUVS to climb!

  15. Those are wonderful Selfies. Sorry it didn't work out with the Temptations action. Bouncing off the, lots of activity around your place. We couldn't help laughing when we read 'Hissy Missy'. It seems a couple of you like action and one would rather have some quiet and downtime. :) Loved this post. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. Bouncing off the walls happens here alot. Tyebe is not the gentle retiring sort either. Abgeliques, hissy missy face is priceless.


  17. @Just Mags - Bowie are all action, all da time! Me and Angelique like to play, but dat lil guy are crazy!
    @Shoko Neilson - She's been giving us a LOT of it.


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