Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tabbylicious Tuesday

Things have been going good around here. 

Da pets and cat treats have been flowing.

Lil Bowie are a ball of energy - he's always zippin around the house exploring everything!

Angelique are still playing Hard To Get and claiming she are resistant to his charms. 

Not me. I like da lil guy. Today I got him to come explore my bedroom - momma says she expects we'll be sleeping in a cat pile together soon.

If he can slow down enuf to sleep that are!


  1. You will be super pals soon!

  2. We can't wait to see that cat pile!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. @Brian - We're on our way!
    @The Florida Furkids - Momma thinks it will be soon!

  4. Of course you two are becoming buds! I think you like having a little pal, Travis.

  5. He has to sleep sometime even if it doesn't seem like it, so that nap pile will be soon.

  6. guyz....we iz sorree ta bee de ree porterz oh nooze.. ya due knot wanna heer... but bowie iz never gonna ..slow down...knot for bout nother 10 yeerz...if then...

    ....mackerullz still on hi geer... afturr all most a YEER !!! :) ♥♥

  7. Those kds sure do have lots of energy, don't they!

  8. I have three kitty cat cousins. Tibie (Tiberius) and Hanni (Hannibal) are the younger ones, and Maddie (Medusa) is the old matron of the house. She doesn't take any silliness from her brothers. But in the long run, they all get along when it comes to napping. (Don't ask me how their kitty cat momma came up with those names! haha)

  9. Thank goodness the
    "Da pets and cat treats have been flowing", it means the staff is on top of their duties. You 3 are adorable
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. PS I think Angie might want you Bowie to Bow at her feets. Girls are like that.
    Hugs C

  11. You kits are lookin' good!
    We have no doubt that you and Bowie will be fast friends very soon :)
    Life is fun with a good pal :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  12. I am glad things are going well. :)

  13. Those younglings are a ball of energy I hear. My fursib is an old Basset Hound. After she goes on her walk with my human, she has no energy left the rest of the day. Tee hee hee.

  14. @Summer - I do like him. I even let him sleep in my basket bed today.
    @Memories of Eric and Flynn - Today I let him sleep in my basket bed.
    @da tabbies o trout towne - Those kittens are a ball of energy!
    @The Gang at LLB - He's a crazypants!
    @C.L.W.STEP - Napping are like kitty cat bonding.
    @My Mind's Eye - Fanks! And MOL, Angelique ARE like that!
    @Mickey's Musings - It are better.
    @pilch92 - Us too!
    @Valentine - Momma says she had bassets growing up and they like to sleep, A LOT.

  15. Bowie will keep y'all young and happy - I'm so glad you are becoming besties. Have a great time wearing yourself out with the little guy!

  16. Glad efuryfing is going well wif da new kitty. I bets he are lots of fun!!

    Matilda & Matt

  17. Wee so-o happy little Bowie iss fittin inn there an you like him Travis!! Mee mew you an hee wuud bee-come guud frendss!!
    Angelique are you playin har to get? How can you ree-sist THE charm of a Bowie kitten?? Even mee wuud bee a puddell over him if hee were here!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  18. @Catscue Catmom - He are a ball of energy!
    @The Adventures of The Bell Fur Zoo - He are a crazypants!
    @Sherri-Ellen T-D. - Yeah, she's still playing hard to get. Silly girl.
    @Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) - MOL, you sound like Kinley!


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