Monday, November 11, 2019

Mewsic Monday

It's Mewsic Monday and this week my good pal CK is the guest host. Since it's Native American Heritage month, she chose that as the mewsical theme this week.

What a pawsome theme! Our native people have NOT been treated right - our government has broken promises OVER and OVER and continues to do so after trying to exterminate their culture and stealing their homeland and lives. My momma has always been interested in and appreciated native culture - there's native artwork in our home and da mommas all have a big collection of Native American jewelry (mainly Navajo, but also some Hopi and Zuni). Bowie's dad are from Arizona and one of the best parts about going to Arizona for my momma wuz going to the trading posts.

So with that said, here's some tunes by/inspired by Native Americans.

Shí naashá is a Navajo song composed in 1868 that commemorated the release of the Navajo from internment at Fort Sumter.

Now That The Buffalo's Gone by Buffy Sainte Marie - a protest folk song.

When ya think of Native music, ya might think of flutes and drums, but Natives can also rock out, as the Navajo punk band Blackfire shows.

Yeah, it's Disney and we know Pocahontas isn't historically accurate. But it's a beautiful song and gave kids of my momma's generation their first exposure to native culture. Unlike the old movies where the protagonists were the white people and Indians were the enemy, the protagonist here is a young native woman - making all the kids empathize and idealize her. And it duz make a difference. When my momma wuz in kindergarten, they did a Thanksgiving dinner - the kids could choose to be a pilgrim or an Indian. Well, my momma wuz the only girl who chose to be an Indian. Three years later, when Angelique's momma wuz in Kindergarten and Pocahontas had come out, LOTS of girls wanted to be Indians. Hopefully, it made at least a couple of them care more about native issues. And according to - all da mommas are ackshually direct descendants of da REAL Pocahontas. Pretty cool.

We're ending with Johnny Cash's The Ballad of Ira Hayes. It's the purrfect pick for this Veterans Day - our veterans and our native Americans both deserve more than they get. Kinley Westie will have some more songs for you.


  1. Furabuluss songss Travis an Bowie an Angelique!! Like yore country Canada continuess to hert Aboriginal peepellss an it iss a diss-grace!
    LadyMew iss 'dopted Ojibway an shee iss furry vocal 'bout how our Prime Minnystur has let Aboriginalss down time an again!
    Did you know Jonny Cash all so had Native blood inn him?? And did you know mee LadyMew meted him an his lovelee wife inn 1980?? Shee sayss meetin Johnny Cash was like meetin SkyCatGod….shee was speechless (an trust mee that rarelee happens!!)
    Thanx fore grate tuness today....
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

  2. Love this post! Of course you know that TW is right there politically. Indigenous people are still being screwed like that pipeline thing. I can't listen to the music tonight but will be back tomorrow. We also shared BSM. Thanks for joining in this week!

  3. This is a great post and I will listen to all the music choices later. They sound good.

  4. What a super post......some great music and Mom and I totally are on board with how indigenous peeps have been left in the dust forever. Heartbreaking and so wrong. Anyway, nice tunes!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. LSC,

    Your mewsic choices are new to me, except for 'Colors of the Wind' and yes, it is a pretty song. Thanks for remembering our veterans. They certainly aren't treated as good as they should by our government and sometimes our people which is shameful. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me. Have a boogietastic week, my furriends!

  6. You did a really good job on the tunes sweeties!

  7. There's a good documentary about the Native Americans on PBS this month. Check it out.

  8. Sadly we think indigenous people in most countries are treated poorly.
    Canada is no exception :(
    We do have pawsone Native music.
    Try "Stadium PowWow" by A Tribe Called Red
    and a young indigenous girl from our province who sang the Beatles "Blackbird" in Mi'Kmaq. Her name is Emma Stevens you can see it on YouTube :)
    We enjoyed your selections!
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  9. Nice job with the theme. I had Colors of the Wind too :)

  10. Wonderful post - you tell 'em Travis!

  11. Excellent choices my Texas Trio
    Hugs cecilia

  12. Fantastic song selection. Ira Hayes, such a tragic story but only one of many stories of Native Americans and their treatment in what was once their land but taken over by Europeans. And, being introduced more and more to the music of Buffy Sainte-Marie; and the old photos in her music video.


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