Friday, June 19, 2020

Flower Friday

Hi pals!

My grandma (Bowie's momma) made us these pawsome new bandanas. Fanks!

Here's a few flowers that were blooming outside today.

Flowers are nice, but the salmon that the humans had for dinner (and we got bites of) wuz even better!


  1. Those are very beautiful blooms!

    Salmon in the mouth and in the belly is lovely too...

    There was bacon wrapped steak here tonight...bacon at our den, can you imagine it??! (We had an early Father's Day celebration, cause *she* has to work on the real day...)

    1. OMC, yummm! My humans are doing a big brunch/lunch for Father's Day.

  2. Of course I think you kitties are WAY more interesting than some silly flowers!

  3. Those are nice bright bandanas. You must have a huge collection by now.

  4. You look fantastic in those snazzy bandanas and your flowers sure are pretty. Thank you for your kind words about our sweet Zoe, we appreciate it.

  5. Those daylilies are spectacular!!!!
    Almost as good looking as you kitties ;)
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  6. Beautiful blooms and I like the bandanas too.

  7. Mmmmmm...salmon....Such beautomous flowers and bandanas too!


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