Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Well, we had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday I got chikken livers!

And today there wuz bacon!

Bacon makes for pretty selfies! 

Bowie has a pretty good bacon beggin face.

He did learn from da best!

Angelique just went for her usual glamor queen selfies.

Bowie decided to pretend he wuz invisible this morning wif da help of my momma's yoga mat this invisibility cloak.

Now where is that Bowie cat??


  1. Huh? My comment disappeared!
    Bacon and chicken livers make a good weekend.
    I need to read more carefully because I read it as children livers first time. My eyes aren't awake yet!

  2. Chikken livers AND bacon?! Wowza, I need to come to YOUR house!

  3. Funny selfies made better with bacon...and chicken livers!

  4. What a great weekend! We didn't even have any meat here at all this weekend! My human had an egg sandwich on Saturday, and some sort of pasta dish on Sunday. :-(

    1. I woulda tried to eat some of it anyways. Me and Bowie try to eat everything pretty much.

  5. Good heavens, y'all are so cute! That bacon must have something to do with it - MOL! Bowie, you are ADORBS under that mat.

  6. You three have PhDs in selfies
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Bowie, you don't want to hide too well and miss out on any bacon! Great selfies everyone.

  8. Nice selfies and yay for bacon and chicken livers.

  9. Chick-hen AND bacon? You guys are doing furry well for yourselves!
    Purrty good selfies too.

  10. You all look very cute in your Selfies also the one of down under..MOL... and I can almost smell the bacon and chicken flavour till here..yummy...😸Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😽💞

  11. Such cute and eye candy are your selfies...and a bonus of silly Bowie!! He's the funniest ever!


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