Friday, April 9, 2021

Flower Friday

Hey pals! Well, me and Bowie are getting to show off our new bandanas. 

We think Angelique are jealous since she has to wait until June for hers.

It's also Flower Friday today.

Today da theme of da blog hop are Flowers for Marg, to wish her a happy birthday.

Happy birthday Marg!

You share your birthday week wif 2 of us! 

Our irises are really starting to bloom outside.

We're still waiting on the orange ones though. 


  1. Really lovely! Nothing better than adorable cats and beautiful flowers.

  2. Marg sure is one of a kind, a very special lady!

    Your flowers sure are beautiful! Marg will enjoy them so much!

    You kitties are glowing as much as those pretty irises!

    Happy Birthday to our friend, Marg!!

  3. We hope Marg had a wonderful day......and we think those flowers from your garden are magnificent too!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Such wonderful bandanas and beautiful flowers too!

  5. After seeing your fancy irises, we can't wait for ours to bloom. It'll be a few more weeks, though.

  6. Beautiful blooms and you all look great. XO

  7. What wonderful flowers And kitties


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