Friday, April 16, 2021

Flower Friday


Hi pals! Well, it has been a quiet couple days around here.

We haven't even had any sunspots to lie in. 

But we did get bacon yesterday, so that wuz something.

Anyways, we has been entertaining the mommas wif zoomies.

I mean of course it is entertaining when they see breakables go fly, right??

Anyways, we has some flowers for Flower Friday for ya.

Luckily, momma got these pics yesterday becuz today everything wuz soaked! 

Some of the orange irises have started blooming. The orange bed is where our orange boys are buried - including my BFF Crockett, my predecessor Charlie, and da momma's lemon and white basset, Hank. The first orange boy, Bevo, is buried in San Antonio though.  

Anyways, there are irises everywhere and the flowers are looking nice.

Not as nice as bacon. But really, what is?

Have a good weekend pals! 


  1. The flowers are lovely, especially the orange ones. I bet the mommas yell with delight when they see breakables flying!

  2. You sweeties sure found some pretty flowers!

  3. Thanks for the pretty pictures of the flowers (and you kitties too.) The orange irises are really nice. I don't think we have any in that color. Maybe we should check the flower cat-alogs for some to plant in our yard.

    1. Bowie's momma are iris-obsessed. We've got most every color.

  4. I have never ever seen an orange iris, and those you have shown us are the most unusual I have ever seen. My neighbor had some light pink ones and I used to go take a zillion pictures of them because I had never seen a pink one Now look at those glorious ones you have! What beauties.

  5. Nice blooms and yay for bacon!

  6. Your irises always amaze me too! The orange ones are really putting on a nice show in honor of your orange fur-bros:)

  7. Our Mom's favorite flowers are irises! The ones around here are just starting to peek their leaves out so we was really happy to see yours! You made our Mom's day. Thank you!

  8. Yay, I'm glad you guys got bacon!

  9. Those are some pretty flowers...but you're right...not as good as bacon. Glad you got some!


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