Friday, December 16, 2022

One Chill Dude


So that Bonham are one chill dude. Da mommas had to go outta town dis week - my momma had to pick up her exams to grade (why they can't do this via da computer when da students take da exams on computers is a whole nother question). So anyways, Angelique's momma took care of us and we stayed wif her and grandpa.

Which means today wuz Bonham's furst day wif free rein of da house. And it went so well. He is very chill and although he's interested in all of us, he also respects our space and duzn't push things. There wuz practically no hissing involved! Dis has to be da smoothest introduckshun of a new kitty yet - and we think it are cuz of Bonham. He duz have a pretty loud meow, which I have already added to be repertoire as a mimic. Yeah, I am a copy cat, MOL. 

Angelique remains unbothered by him.

Bowie ackshually hid for a lil bit, MOL, but he seems over that now. So things are going very well here. My momma even made Bonham a couple of bandanas today - so I guess tomorrow he won't have to borrow mine!


  1. Glad to hear he has settled in so well and so quickly.

  2. Such a sweet guy and I sure am glad he fits right in.

  3. Wow ! We wonder what his life was like before ? Maybe he lived with a bunch of littermates. Such good news !

    1. Unfortunately it looks like somebody gave him a hard time - he has quite a few scabs like somebody beat him up.


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