Saturday, December 14, 2019

Christmasy Caturday

We've been getting ready for Christmas here.

Our Secret Paws present got mailed Wednesday.

And we didn't even get to sample it - UNFAIR!

Bowie's momma went outta town this week. 

But I made him feel at home in my room.

Ackshually, it wuz a full house since the three dogs were in the bed too (momma tried for a pic of all 5 of us, but yeah, it wuzn't happening).   

And call it a Christmas miracle, but everyone behaved. I think Finley, the senior pup, kept Kinley, the crazy one, in line.

Angelique wuz off in her room wif her momma. 

When she wuzn't in the holiday RV that are.

Anyways, we've all just been enjoying the Christmas tree and decorations.

Not too much though, MOL.

I just wanna know when the presents are gonna get here! 

Hurry up Santa!


  1. I'm glad everyone is behaving! That IS a Christmas miracle!

  2. There's birds in our tree. Like birds with real feathers! I might try for them one night...

    Miaow from Miss Oswin, Netherlands

  3. That is a nice photo of you and Bowie together on the bed.

  4. We gasped at first at all the Nip Dad sent along. But we decided it was a Good Thing. Dad said the sharing was impawtant. We agree...

  5. You all are super cute and so well behaved, bravo!

  6. Either that RV is bigger than it looks, or Angie is really small. It was nice of you to share with Bowie, too.

  7. Looks like you're all enjoying the holiday season. Now if the presents would just arrive!

  8. We still need to mail our Secret Paws package!

  9. Oh boy! That's some Secret Paws package you're sending to some lucky pup or cat. Can't wait to see the house all decorated - you all are the CHAMPIONS in that department!

    Hugs, Teddy

  10. So festive and cute! I love that holiday camper - pawsome!


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