Sunday, December 22, 2019

Santa Sunday Selfies

Santa Paws are almost here!

I don't think my compadres wuz as eggcited to wear da Santa hat as me.  

Well, I've been meowin bout our tree for weeks now - I figgered y'all might wanna see it.

Can a tree take a selfie??

If our tree did, they'd hafta test out all the angles.

It's kind of a big deal.

Bowie got a photo ornament up.

Here's some more closeups.

Who's that handsome guy???

There's 2 Crockett memorial ornaments - one my momma gave Crockett's momma and one her friends from the Dogster/Facebook group Westies Unite did. 

Even "dog people" loved Crockett. We all miss him.

As ya can tell, it are a VERY decorated tree.

Hallmark ornaments, glass ornaments, homemade ornaments, icicles, well, it's got a bit of everything.

And we wouldn't want it any other way!

Da mommas did the decorated cookies today.

Momma says she's looking for a good cat cookie cutter. 

If the DOGS get cookies of them, I want cat cookies. I demand equal time!

Oh and Happy HanukCAT to all of our Mewish pals! 


  1. You all look so festive and ready for Santa Paws :-)

    Your tree looks super special and I know that Santa will love seeing it when he visits.

    Crocketts memorials are the sweetest ever, and I know you miss your guy.

    Have a good Christmas all of you.

  2. O.M.C What a pawsome tree. Not a speck of branch left undecorated! How did you get the Bein ta DO all that?

  3. That tree is nothing short of amazing!

  4. We always look forward to seeing your Christmas decorations EVERY YEAR! It's like walking into a Christmas shop with every inch covered in Christmas cheer! Thanks for all have a WONDERFUL time........

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  5. We saw the decorations on Facebook and we think they are STUNNING. You all look adorable in the Santa hat too!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. You 3 look absolutely stunning in your hats and your decorations are off the charts beautiful
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. By next year, you'll have to buy two trees to hold all of those great ornaments! Wow!

  8. Y'all do look wonderful and your tree has the best toys ever!

  9. You all are such cute Santas ! Your Christmas decorations are pawsome ! Purrs

  10. Wow, Christmas at your house looks amazing. Your moms must spend hours and hours decorating and making cookies. It all looks so festive and delicious.

  11. What an amazing tree. You are very good not to interfere with it.

  12. Our huMom collects cat items (and us too) and she has a kitty cookie cutter that came out at Halloween - so tell your Mama to keep her eyes peeled next Halloween !

    Awesome decorations ! Purrs !

  13. We don't think you could get one more ornament on that tree. :) It's beautiful! And we love Crockett's ornament.


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