Saturday, December 7, 2019

Caturday Art

Happy Caturday!

Well, da mommas are FINALLY done decorating.

The tree is up, the outside are all lit up, the million and one Christmas things are all over the house.

Sometimes we get in em.

And sometimes they go on us!

And now the Christmas cooking has started.

This Kitty Claws wants his momma to come up wif a tuna and bacon cookie - maybe I'll just have to snag some leftover turkey for now.

And my Christmas cards have arrived - they'll be headed your way soon!

Bowie's being good wif da decorayshuns - he hasn't tried climbing the tree or anything. Of course, everyone is kinda watching him like a hawk. 

And here's momma's Christmas-themed Caturday art. 

I guess a cartoon kitty playing wif decorayshuns are ok???


  1. You're all looking Christmassy,don't forget to join in my countdown,xx Speedy

  2. Looks like you all have been decorated too. Your Momma's Christmas kitty cartoon is cute.

  3. You all look so festive! All the decorations are done here too! We want bacon and tuna cookies!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Y'all really do look terrific and the art is so wonderful!

  5. You all look so festive ! Great decorations ! Purrs

  6. My goodness, they even decorated all of you too! Adorbs!

  7. Everybody's looking festive today! Even the art!

  8. It must be baking day. My mom is making peanut butter cookies and blueberry muffins. Not too christmassy, but still yummy.
    Angeliques's second photo is worthy of a Christmas card.

  9. Well, your Mom sure has a lot of energy! You kitties sure look like you're ready for the holiday!

  10. You are such cuties. I love that camper.

  11. I love your feline car all decked out...
    And it goes w/o saying your scarves!!
    Hugs cecilia


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