Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Don't Get it Twisted

Hey pals! Didja hear about da tornado here? 

Well, if ya wuz worried about your favorite Texas trio (we ARE your favorite Texas trio, aren't we), no need. Yeah, da sirens went off and we had to be put in da hard-sided PTUs and be put in my momma's bathroom. And yeah, we sang da song of our people about it. LOUDLY.  

But da tornadoes hit south of us. There were 9 total in the Metroplex and the biggest one in north Dallas/Richardson wuz an EF-3. For those of ya who don't know, we live in Plano, which is the suburb directly north of Richardson. Bowie's momma's favorite garden center wuz hit pretty bad and there are lotsa people who had their homes damaged, but luckily no one got killed.   

So maybe we shouldn't be whining too much about having to sit in the PTUs in the bathroom. Ok, who are we kidding, we're cats, we're gonna meow just as loud da next time it happens.

But tonite we has clear skies are watching da World Series.

Go 'Stros! Texas needs somefin good to happen after this.


  1. That was some scary set of storms. Yikes. Makes the wind gusts of 50MPH we had here seem trivial. Even if there was 1/2 a tree down in our back yard. Sheesh!
    Glad you are all safe:)

    Sorry that the Astros lost game one:(
    Even though pawppy is from DC, he wants the Astros to win!! Go figure.

  2. What a scary evening for you guys! I'm glad you're all safe.

  3. We are so happy you are all OK .
    Sorry that the garden centre was damaged though.
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. @Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs - Yeah, we HATE when the sirens go off since we all have to be put in the bathroom.
    @Summer - Fanks. Unfortunately tornado sirens go off a couple times a year here. But this wuz a big one that wuz fairly close.
    @Mickey's Musings - They've said they're going to rebuild.

  5. We did think about and worry about you all when we heard about those storms.....tornadoes are REALLY scary. Glad you're alright. As for the Astros, my Nats got 'em last night but tonight anything goes - it was a close game! WOOT!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. We hadn't heard about your tornado, and We didn't even know what a tornado is till Mummy read Us your post and explained. A tornado sounds furry scary - much more so than the thunderstorm which woke Us up at four o'clock in the morning. We are glad you are all safe.

  7. I didn't enjoy being in the laundry room any more than you liked your PTUs! Ugh, I hope THAT doesn't happen again. (Momma laughed and said "It's Texas. It will.")

  8. For some reason I thought y'all were in Houston, so I wasn't worried about you - but you were pretty darn close to that mess - glad you are OK. A lot of folks who didn't sustain damage are out of power for a good while though! Purrs and prayers to all who are suffering from those tornados!

  9. guyz....we iz buzzed happee everee onez aye oh kay...we iz bad at geo graphee; we due knot even noe wear WE live...N we new dallas but that waz all..... heerz hopin de weatherz stay calm ~~~ !! ☺☺♥♥

  10. I sure am glad y'all are safe!!!

  11. That is so scary!!! We're glad you're okay!

  12. We heard about those storms. Glad you were all OK.

  13. Oh dear 3 PTU's in the bathroom with your humans...that was cozy.
    Thank goodness all are ok
    Hugs cecilia

  14. Whew! That was too close for comfort! Glad you guys are okay. Good luck to those Astros.

  15. I am glad you are all safe. XO

  16. Glad ya'll were safe!! Southwest FL had some bad ones last week too. Hopefully no more of dat craziness fur da rest of da year.

    Matilda & Matt

  17. @Pam and Teddy - It's been a crazy series!
    @The J-Cats - Yeah,it's like a thunderstorm on steroids!
    @Matilda the Boxer - Yeah, just hopefully not soon!
    @Catscue Catmom - Too close for comfort!
    @da tabbies o trout towne - Yeah, those big winds are no good!
    @Brian - Fanks!
    @Lola The Rescued Cat - Fank you!
    @C.L.W.STEP - Fanks!
    @My Mind's Eye - And 3 westies!
    @The Island Cats - Fanks!
    @pilch92 - Me too!
    @The Adventures of The Bell Fur Zoo - Yeah, those storms are scary!


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