Friday, October 25, 2019


Hey y'all. There's been a relapse. And nope, I'm not talking about Angelique's nip addickshun. 

After all, ya can't relapse if ya has never quit. MOL!

Or about Bowie relapsing wif his strange puppy addickshun. Again, he never quits her. It is weird and semi-disturbing, I keep trying to tell him CATS don't fall in luv with dogs, but he duz not listen . . .  

Nope, I had a relapse wif being sick. And just as I wuz finishing my Aunty Bye-Otics too! It wuz nasty too - biley barf, some bloody mucusy poo. I've just been sleeping a lot. I have been drinking water and I've eaten some (not a lot, but some). Momma just let me sleep - she's keepin an eye on me and will take me to the emergency vet if she needs too. She's just kinda confused right now - she duzn't know what it wrong or why I can't seem to get well. She knows it could be something bad - we're hoping it's not but right now we just don't know.

I better get well - otherwise dat GIRL is gonna think she's in charge.

Or Bowie might even think he's top cat. I can't have that!!


  1. Dude, you get better, do you hear. We be sending lots of purrs and prayers to you, and even high power thoughts of catnip bacon and all manner of tasty things to give you an appetite ;) Best grab onto them so the others don't grab the all. :)
    Healing purrs

  2. Oh, Travis, I hope you get to feeling tons better really soon. Its no fun when you don't feel good. Sending huge loads of purrs and POTP!

  3. I'm sending LOTS of purrs your way, Travis!

  4. Hari OM
    Travis, maaaateee... this is no good. POTP going like the clappers for you at my end. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Travis, we've been experimenting with a very controversial cat healing process involving Egyptian cat mummies, a Garfield VHS tape, and monkfish. Let me know if you're interested and hope you feel better.

  6. Dear Travis! we send you purrs and prayers that you will get well and no more relapses. big purrs for your momma too. the three of you are looking very sweet. hang in there!

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  7. Oh Travis, please feel better soon pal, we're all sending purrs and prayers.

  8. We're so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well again. Our paws are crossed that you feel better soon.

  9. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well again. Hope it goes away.

  10. Oh no's Travis this iss NOT guud at all!!! LadyMew iss worried you has Pancreatitis...EEKKK! Mee an shee hope shee is REELLY wrong! Mee iss sendin all THE POTP mee has an lotss of healin ***purrsss*** And LadyMew iss sendin lots of Love to you too!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  11. Oh Travis - we are sending you lots more purrayers and POTP so that better soon ! We know your Mama will take the best care of you, but we also know she has to be really worried.

  12. Travis my friend.....never good to see blood from either end! I hope your Mom takes you to the vet....they need to get you back in business and in charge. Both Bowie and Angelique look worried in their photos and I am too! Please get well.............

    Hugs, Teddy

  13. I am praying for you to get better Travis. XO

  14. I'm sorry you have the sickies again. GI issues can be very frustrating (for everyone). I hope the vet can figure it out and you're feeling better soon.

  15. Oh, poor Travis! We can't have you being sick, especially now, with Halloween coming up! We are sending you pawsitive vibes and POTP and We are all purraying you get better soon.
    Purrs from all of Us.
    Trixie, Caspurr, Shimshi and Shimona (aka Mummy)

  16. We hope you get to feeling better very soon. Sending healing purrs <3

  17. Travis darlin' I'm so very sorry to read this and have posted on POTP that you are in need of extra super duper purrs.
    Hugs Cecilia

  18. I'm so sorry to hear this! You and your family have my prayers.

  19. Precious boy, you have been having a hard time lately - we're doubling up on our purrs and prayers and POTP for you and your worried Mom.

  20. We're sorry to read this, Travis, we send you tons of healing purrs and hope you feel better soon. Purrs

  21. Oh, Travis, I came as soon as I could to bring Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers to feel better soon. May the Angels purrotect you sweet boy💗💗💗

  22. Oh Travis dear furiend. Purrlease get better. fight like you're at the Alamo dude. Don't give yup. We're sendin' hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  23. Travis, could it still be that you are still so very sad about losing Crockett that it has made you ill? I miss him, too. But Angelique and Bowie and your momma need you. And I do, too. Kisses that you get better.

  24. Travis, Bless you precious boy. I'll be purring and puraaying for you. I don't like your being sick. I hope the Vet can find what us the matter and why it happened again. I had several bad days like that two years ago. Mom took me to the Vet and I was prescribed probiotics and that did the trick. I threw up all the time, the billey stuff, and couldn't even get out of my box sometimes for doing both at the same time. Get better handsome boy. XOX

  25. Oh Travis, we send lots and lots of our strongest purrs for you to get better!!
    We are sending the POTP too.
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie and the mum

  26. We are purring and praying as loud and hard as we can for you.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  27. Travis, oh my I hope you're feeling better soon! I'm sorry to read that you're not well. I'll say a prayer for God's healing touch to restore you to good health. Sleeping is actually a good thing for you to do because that's when the body does it's repair work, so take it easy. Sending lots of pawkisses and hugs to you, my little furriend! 😽🐾

  28. Oh, Travis, we are so sorry to hear about your relapse. Rest assured we have ramped up the purrs and prayers you get to feeling better real soon. Hugs and lots of love.

  29. I read about Travis on the Cat Blogosphere site. I hope he starts to feel better soon - and that his recovery is complete. This must be very worrying indeed for his family.

  30. Travis, I'm parceling up a package of healing purrs as we speak. They should arrive within the hour. Look for a flyin' fryin' pan up in the air. That's my delivery system. You get better, soon. You hear? PURRS

  31. Travis you gorgeous mancat! sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Frodo sends you a big hug and extra love cause orange mancats have to stick together--though he does have sympathy for Bowie's puppy addiction cause he has one too!

  32. We at Wonderpurr send copious amounts of healing purrs to you, Travis, cuz there are soooo many of us. Tight hugs to your Meowmy.

  33. @Erin the Cat Princess - I'll definitely grab that bacon and nip!
    @Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs - Fank you!
    @Summer - Fanks!
    @Yamini MacLean - Fanks!
    @Tyler (Staff Writer) - MOL, I definitely wanna know more!
    @Cara n Crew - Fanks!
    @Brian - Fanks!
    @Millie and Walter - Fank you!
    @C.L.W.STEP - Fanks!
    @Sherri-Ellen T-D. - Nope, I've been to the vet (too many times). It's not dat - it's a mystery right now.
    @catladymac - Fanks!
    @Pam and Teddy - I went this morning.
    @pilch92 - Fanks!
    @The Indulged Furries - Me too!
    @The J-Cats - Fank you!
    @Fur Everywhere - Fanks!
    @My Mind's Eye - Fank you!
    @The Whiskeratti - Fanks.
    @Catscue Catmom - Yeah, it's been a tuff month.
    @The Swiss Cats - Fanks.
    @Little Binky and Granny - Fank you.
    @Deziz World - Fanks y'all. I'm tryin my best!
    @Valentine - My grandma are worried dat dat are part of da problem. We wuz besties.
    @Katie Isabella - Fanks. I'm on probiotics too.
    @Mickey's Musings - Fanks!
    @The Florida Furkids - Fank you!
    @Cathy Kennedy - Yeah, I know when my momma are sick, all she wants to do are sleep too.
    @Laila and Angel Minchie - Fanks!
    @John Bellen - It are really upsetting my momma.
    @Seville at Nerissa's Life - We'll be on the lookout!
    @Hairballs and Hissyfits - I like the dogs ok, but Bowie are really something else. He's in luv with her!
    @Herman and Dori - Fanks.


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