Saturday, June 19, 2021

Cat-or-Racs and Caturday Art

Hey pals!

Long time, no meow. 

We're gonna hafta blame da secretary for dat one.

Anyways, da mommas has been busy dis week. 

Bowie's momma had her furst cat-or-racs surgery. And I are pretty shure da cats won, since she seemed happy wif it. And we didn't see any of the masked dudes hanging around braggin.  

Anyways, she said dat anyone who needs to get it done should go ahead and do it and not be scared. We think the racs musta stolen her glasses though, becuz she are not having to wear em anymore. Oh, and there is a rematch next Tuesday.

Or something like dat.

My momma has been endlessly working on her paper she's trying to write. So far it's a little over 13,000 words (it has to be 20,000-25,000). So she's making progress wif da length even if she are not shure about the quality, MOL.

Pretty shure she should have us make a cameo. After all, lawyer cat wuz a hit, why not law professor cat??

And here's today's Caturday art!


  1. So good to hear Bowie's Mum had her surgery and her eyes work better :)Travis, purrs to your mum having to write a paper. Mum never liked writing papers when she was at university. She is not much of a writer ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Good luck to the Mommas - both with the recovery from surgery and with the paper that has to be written.

  3. I'm glad Bowie's human's eye surgery is going well! We saw on Facebook.

  4. We're glad that surgery went well, our Dad says it's true, no big deal, get it done if you need it. Y'all do look fantastic!

  5. Hooray for the cats winning...and hope the rematch goes just as well!
    Back when petcretary was in college, that surgery was its almost a piece of cake:)

    Good to see you all...good wishes for getting that immense paper all done. Phew!

  6. Great pics and art. Glad Bowie's mum's eye surgery went well!

  7. We send purrs for the writing and the surgery ! Not our idea of fun.

  8. That is a long paper- good luck. And I hope the next surgery goes well too. XO

  9. Our Mom wishes her bad eyes was Cat-O-Racs. And we think that a Law Professor SHOULD be a cat! Or a Cat liver...which you Mama is...We hope the re-run on Tuesday goes purrfect! We hope you all have a marvell9ously Happy week!

  10. We send purrs for Moms eyes to heal up so she can see you all. Sounds like an interesting paper or is it just work we wonder. Have a great week


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