Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Birthday Angelique!


Happy birthday Angelique! 

Our resident girl cat is seven today! And she celebrated in style with lotsa new nip toys, a bandana, and treats!  

Oh yeah, it wuz also Father's Day.

Grandpa got a speshul brunch and some presents, but Angelique got her presents first. #Priorities.

It's also da first day of summer.

So me and Bowie decided to relax on da table that's appeared in da middle of kitchen (our house is a mess from da packing) and snoopervise da brunch making. Apologies for da blurriness, but momma says it are hard to catch da two of us together.  

Is that shrimp we smell??


  1. Happy Birthday Angelique and Happy Father's Day to your Grandpa!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Happy birthday to Angelique, and happy Father's Day to the male human!

  3. What a busy day!! LOL!
    Happy Birthday, Angelique!
    Happy Father's Day to your very precious dad and grandpaw!

    Happy Summertime too!

    Packing for a move, renders a household into a jumble!!

  4. Happy Birthday Angelique!!!!
    Happy Father's Day to the Dad :)
    Lots of celebrating for you this past weekend!
    Purrs, Julie

  5. Happy Birthday to Angelique! She looks thrilled. MOL!

  6. Sorry we're late. Happy Birthday beautiful Angelique and Happy Father's Day to that special Daddy too!

  7. Happy Purrthday Angelique - and many more ! And Happy Father's Day to GrandPa !

  8. Happy Birthday Angelique! And Happy Belated Birthday to your Grandpa!

  9. Happy Birthday lovely Angelique! Hope your Daddy enjoys his book - Grisham is one of my favorite writers.

  10. Happy birthday Angelique! Sorry we were slacking...

  11. How did We miss this?! Happy (belated) birthday, Angelique!


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