Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday so it's time for a round of selfies.


Bowie had some fun yesterday. He crawled way back in between all these boxes and furniture and refused to come out - not even for cat treats! 

Don't worry, me and Angelique ate all the ones he didn't get. MOL MOL!

Well, dis week grandma are gonna have CAT or RACs surgery. Personally, I are TEAM CAT. 

Those racs can be cute, but they can be mean to cats too.

Whaddya mean I have no clue what I'm meowing about Angelique??


  1. I hope Bowie's human goes through the surgery smoothly! Maybe it's stressing him out, and that's why he was hiding.

  2. Pawyers for your Grandma's Surgery. Hopefully then she'll see a lot better!
    Maybe Bowie loved the hidey place so much he wasn't coming out, in case some other kitty would go in there.

  3. Bowie, you did not come out for treats? !
    I am sending purrs for Bowie's mum to have a good surgery.
    Maybe when it's over you can celebrate with more treats!!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Purrs for your Grandma's surgery!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. You look wonderful gang! Purrs to your Grandma, she'll do fine, we're sure of it.

  6. Great selfies. I will pray the surgery goes well. XO

  7. Great selfies! Bowie's loss of treats was your gain! Good luck to your grandma with her surgery. I vote for CAT too. ~Ernie


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