Friday, June 11, 2021

Flower Friday

Well momma is taking a break from writing the world's boringest paper to FINALLY let me do a blog post. 

How do we know it's boring? Well, WE are not even mentioned in it!

And it's not like she's writing about bacon or ham or shrimp or chikken livers or salmon or anything good.

I offered to teach her how to write GOOD, but no, she has to write about boring law stuff. 


Anyways, we thought we'd show you some pictures of US and some flowers for Flower Friday since it sure beats pages and pages of law professor talk.

Have a pawsome weekend!


  1. I agree Travis. Writing anything that i not about you would be boring!
    Your flowers are SO pretty!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  2. The flowers are amazing!

    I hope your mom gets done with her project soon so she can cook up some yummy treats for you kitties, and your doggie sisters too!

  3. Boring?? It would be like a sleeping pill for petcretary, too! LOL!!

    Hope she takes breaks to pay you all lots of agttention, with playtime and treats.

  4. Those are wonderful photos gang and we hope your Mom isn't too bored with all that writing.

  5. Writing with no kitties in it ?? "Ignorance of the kitties is no excuse !"

  6. The pictures are SUPER! LOVE them. Mom said to say that she remembered the case studies and saved her books a long long time. Finally sold them years later for nothing. Heheheh.

  7. I'm sure that writing all the boring law stuff will at least BRING home the bacon, right?

  8. You have pretty flowers. At lease the rain did not ruin the blossoms

  9. guyz....we bee off line on fry day !! grate ta see yur gardin again....we gotta lotta nada rite now...thanx for sharin !!

    AND may bee de momma can dee fend de ritez oh all catz and dawgz everee wear.... ta bee a loud 1 pound oh bacon.....each week ;) ♥♥☺☺

  10. Whoah...your Mama is one smart cookie to be writing all that legal stuff!! We love all your flowers today!!
    Rosy and the Gang


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