Saturday, June 5, 2021

Professor Travis Has a Nice Ring to It


Well, it's been a boring couple of days around here.

At least we have these new bandanas to show off. One side has dragonflies and the other has frogs. Oh, and there wuz some PORK tonite.   

Maybe we can get some bacon tomorrow?

My momma had to do a 2-day zoom conference for her new job. On Friday, I kept trying to meow and get on the zoom chat. I figured if that "I'm not a cat, I'm a lawyer" cat went viral, a cat masquerading as a law professor could really make it big.   

I mean, surely it would make the Rule Against PURRpetuities more easier to remember.

Momma said we wuz just being attractive nuisances though.


  1. Oh, WOW! Professor Travis, you are being maybe a bit too precocious and presumptive?? MOL, MOL!

    Those are fun bandanas!

    Hope you get your bacon:)

  2. It may be boring for you, Travis, but it sounds like things are pretty exciting for your human!

    P.S. Paws crossed for bacon this weekend.

  3. Professor Travis, as cattorneys in good standing, We would like to say, of course you can be a law purr-fessor! Who would dare to doubt it?

  4. You can be a lawyer for cats Travis.
    Defend us when humans don't give us treats or for other reasons ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. What smart kitty cats! Good luck with the job interviews!

  6. That's purrfect for you Professor!

  7. I think everybuddy on the Zoom call would want to see you, Travis. ~Ernie

  8. Love the new bandanas. You all look great. Congrats to your mom on the new job. XO


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