Thursday, December 2, 2021

Grandpa Update


Hey pals.

Well, ICYMI, our grandpa/dad got hit by a moron in a pickup when he wuz out walking.

We're all pretty mad about it, as ya can tell by Angelique's expreshun. Ok, she makes that expresshun ninety purrcent of da time dat she sees my momma wif a camera, but whatefur.

Anyways, he has a broken humerus in his shoulder and he are gonna hafta have surgery - including having a steel plate and screws. He may wind up needing a shoulder replacement if the bone falls apart during surgery.

And da pickup driver did not even get a ticket! Apparently, it are ok to mow down pedestrians around here.

He's still in a lot of pain and his surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. It really stinks - it definitely has ruined his Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, my momma has started decorating. My room is all done.

They are planning on getting the outside lights up tomorrow then the tree over the next couple days.

Havin to deal wif all of dis BS has definitely delayed them some. I are lookin forward to more lights.


  1. Ugh, that is awful that the driver didn't even get a ticket! I hope he is still liable for this because he certainly should be!

  2. Phooey on not giving a ticket to that careless driver.
    You lawyers need to get into action.

    We do hope tat your Grandpa/Dad will heal well after he gets his fix up surgery. Its no small matter, but you kitties with your purrs will help a lot.

    We are praying it goes well.

  3. WOW! No ticket?!!!! That's crazy!
    Mum and I send lots and lots of healing thoughts to your Grandpa.
    He must be in a lot of pain :(
    Purrs, Julie

  4. We are purring for your Grandpaw and hoping for a full and speedy recovery.
    As expurrienced Cattorneys, We think that he should sue the pants off that pickup driver!

  5. Purrs and prayers to your grandpa. Absolutely ridiculous the jerk didn't even get a ticket, but hopefully you can take other routes to get some justice and compensation.

  6. guyz...what de EFF ??? .....and we hope ta cod sum one getted de bass terd driverz info and dad ternz in ALL KINDZ oh ree ceetz and stuff two de driverz insurance company... we hope hiz surgreez goez smooth lee and dad ree coverz soooper quik...

    yeow ~~~~~♥♥

  7. That is appalling that the driver didn't get a ticket! I am sending good thoughts for your grandpa.

  8. Sending purrayers and POTP to your Grandpaw and all of you kitties and the rest of your family. Will you all be staying together to help take care of Grampaw ?

  9. The driver didn't get a ticket?? How stoopid is that??? Healing purrs for your grandpa.

  10. Not even a ticket? I am sorry that happened. I will keep him in my prayers. XO

  11. We sure send lots of prayers to your Grandpa, we hope the healing goes well.


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