Thursday, December 24, 2020

Catmas Eve!

It's Catmas, errr, Christmas Eve!

And we can't wait for Santa Paws to come tonite. 

This being good stuff are so tuff. Speshully when there is a giant tree wif twinkling lights to climb underneath.

I spent last night curled up by da tree while da mommas watched Christmas movies.

Then I moved to my bed. As ya can tell, I are right at home wif da Christmas stuffies.

I had to share wif da dog. If dat duzn't get me on Santa's good side, I don't know what will.   

I've got some more pics of our Christmas decorations today.

Our tree are jam-packed!

It's hard not to play wif those ornaments.

And the presents, MOL.

Grandma's reindeer colleckshun.

Her mini tree.

And polar bears.

All available surfaces are decorated.

To da max!

The Jim Shore coastal Santas.

And our fireplace.

There's even more on top of da bookshelf!

Da kitchen gets decorated too. Ya know what would look on dat table??? BACON!

Well, earlier this month, I menshuned that those pesky elves, Aubrey McTwinkle and Elwood O'Jingle showed up to spy on us. But since they are such naughty elves, we worked out a lil agreement - what happens in Plano stays in Plano and nobody snitches. 

And those elves were naughty! Stealing candy!

And cookies!

Dat are just wrong.

Aubrey, dude, there's a 12-step program for dat.

They raided da liquor cabinet too.

And they broke da COVID rules wif maskless partyin! I don't think she's into it guys, ain't ya heard of #MeToo at da North Pole?

A menage a elf.

This are just all kinds wrong.

They even hoarded da TP!

Ok, TPing da dog's crate are kinda funny.

But my box?? RUDE!

They even stole da Clorox wipes! Do ya have any idea how rare those are??

We told those rascally elves dat dey better say we wuz good, or else we wuz gonna send dese photos to Santa.

Those elves really aren't so bad when ya have got blackmail on em.

Meowy Christmas from our house to yours! 


  1. Everything is so festive at your place! Merry Christmas Eve sweeties!

  2. Meowy Christmas! We saw your decorations on Facebook and they are amazing! This whole post is a HOOT!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Those elves were soooo bad!! Lucky you got the evidence to blackmail them. They need to make sure that Santa is extra generous.

    1. Yeah, we've got a deal worked out wif em. Nobody rats.

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU ALL! Love the additional photos of all the decorashuns around there - it's better than the Christmas store!!! I hope Santa brought you all kinds of swell stuff - you've been very good right? RIGHT? HUH?

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. OMCod, too funnee.......meowy christmas, yor tree is boo-ti-ful

  6. A Christmas-palooza of a post - loved it! Merry Christmas Travis, Bowie and Angelique.

  7. Oh, MY!!! How I laughed and giggled at those silly naughty elves!! I worked on Christmas, so it was FUN to come home and sit down to read blogs and yours are the best posts!! Esp as far as the naughty factor, MOL, MOL!!

    1. Awww, we're so glad we brought some laughs to your Christmas!

  8. What amazing decorations friends! Wonderful fun thanks so much for sharing it with us

  9. Tee hee hee. This was the bestest post! You are all so much fun and festive. Your house looks splendid and I hope Santa appurrciated all the hardwork you put into decorating. Santa may need to send those elves back to training school though! Winks.


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