Monday, December 14, 2020

Mewsic Monday

Well, it's getting closer and closer to Santa Paws time. Which are good, becuz us cats has been on our bestest behavior and it are getting tuff, MOL! 

Our list for Santa Paws are getting longer everyday we gotta wait.

But while we're waiting, here's some more Christmas tunes!

Meowy Catmas!


  1. It is getting a lot like Christmas! I have Gold Radio playing on the PC and they are playing all the old Christmas songs. Maybe playing Santa Baby a bit too often though.
    I couldn't see what the last video was because it is not available here.

    1. It wuz Asleep at the Wheel's Merry Texas Christmas Y'all.

  2. Good tunes! Santa might need a bigger sleigh for all your presents!

  3. Nice choices, especially Santa Baby.

  4. Well, see? If you had started waiting for Sandy Claws earlier, your list would be longer and you might get more stuff!

  5. LSC,

    "Santa Baby" is such a fun classic! No one does it like Eartha Kitt! Have a Meowy Catmas, furriends!

  6. An interesting selection. "Santa Baby" is such a classic. I also enjoyed The Killers song. Merry Texas Christmas Y'all was fun, too.


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