Saturday, December 5, 2020

Caturday Art

So da momma has not been da best about letting me blog dis week.

Da mommas wuz busy wif Christmas decoratin all week. Da outside are done, da inside are done.

And dey just finished da tree today.

Of course there's a bazillion more things to do.

Like shop for da cats, make presents for da cats, wrap da cats' presents, send da cats' Catmas cards . . .

Well, at least there's Christmas lights to keep us entertained.

And tasty noms, you can't forget da noms! 

Anyways, since da decoratin are done, momma says we should be able to get back to blogging and commenting again . . . 

And here's her Caturday art for today.

Happy Caturday!


  1. Y'all do look quite festive and the art is really cute!

  2. Cute drawing. They should have got the cat presents before anything. :)

  3. Who wouldn't want a cat in their stocking? I see you cats are decorated too!

  4. Aww... you all look cute patiently waiting...

    Cute drawing too!

  5. That is cute art. Did she have to stuff one of you in the stocking to model for her?

  6. It's a good job da mommas got the decorating all done and out of the way. Now they can devote all the rest of the month till Chrissymouse to the Really Impawtant Business - such as shopping and prepurring prezzies and treats for the kitties (mol).

  7. Well you all might be starving for attention (and food) but let's assume that there's a lot of Christmas shopping going on for THE CATS and it keeps them busy!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Well, at least they came home wif Petsmart bags yesterday.

  8. Imaging! Decorating getting in the way of kitty adoration and treats!!!!! I purr that changes soon!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  9. We know how much your momma loves to decorate for Christmas. It's a wonder she has time to do anything else. ;)

  10. Your Momma's been decorating the outside, the inside, and the kitties! You all look very festive.

  11. What great photos of you all and wonderful art.


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