Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday Selfies

So today's selfies we had to take in front of da Christmas tree.

We're doing pretty good and no one has climbed it yet. Bowie's batted a few ornaments, but the breakable ones are up high. We're trying to be good for Santa Paws. 

It's tuff, but at least we've got our very own indoor jungle set up.

Now to find another lizard . . . 

Double da kitty fun!


  1. Nice selfies! Our tree isn't up yet. We had to special order a new lighting switch fo the living room first, so my human can see what's she's doing when she puts it up!

  2. We're happy to hear that your tree is up and I love your indoor jungle!

  3. Great poses gang and your bandanas are so festive.
    I really like your jungle setting!!!!
    Happy hunting ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. What good kitties you are! We've moved our outside plants in too, it's getting colder out for sure.

    1. Yeah, ours are in for the winter. We luv playing in em!

  5. What a great kitty jungle ! Santa watching can be a powerful motivator for goodness ! Purrs !

  6. How cool that you have the outside inside!

  7. So nice that you are being good. Santa is watching


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