Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday Selfies


It's Sunday, so it's selfie time! 

Two lucky orange cats got bites of chikken tonite. 

Angelique missed out since she wuz off napping. Ya snooze, ya lose.


  1. Oh, Yes, we know how that is about the snooze and loose....

    Sweet selfies! Chicken made you smile!

  2. Girls and Guys, I am finally getting together some New Zealand fabrics for you. I aim to send them before the end of the month. I hope you like them when they arrive.

  3. You all look good. Did you get Angelique's share of the chicken?

  4. Great selfies. Glad some of you scored chicken. :)

  5. Chicken is always a treat and great selfies too

  6. Sometimes beauty sleep is more important than noms, not often, but sometimes - MOL!


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